Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Busy Busy Busy and no pictures for the post

I've been doing a little student teaching lately. O.K. I've been doing a lot of student teaching lately. I'm currently in a MIMD (Mild Mental Disability) 4-6 grade class with 10 students. I have one week left then I'll switch to a 4th grade regular ed class for 8 additional weeks. I love the students and my mentor teachers. I feel like I've had more kaffofles than successes in the classroom but I'm learning tons. Now that I think about it, I guess I can chalk the kaffofles up as successes if I've learned from them. Hopefully I have.

About two weeks before school started I panicked about having outrageous behaviors. I had outlandish fears like I'd have a heart attack or I'd freeze in the middle of a lesson and not be able to speak or move a muscle. I was afraid every student would run around the room in utter chaos with myself spinning in circles watching it happen, incapable of interfering. Valid fears? You'd think "no" but I assure you that I was 99% convinced something like that would happen. KNOCK ON WOOD! The students are ideal. KNOCK ON WOOD! I care so much for each one. They are so important to me, and I haven't had a heart attack yet.

I want to share all sorts of quotes that the students have said during the day but I'm afraid that part of that heartwarming and humor is magnitudinally lessened for you the reader without knowing those who spoke those classic sentiments. I'll share a few anyway (of course names are changed)...

Bernard to me (6th grade): I love other teachers more than you.
Interpretation: I love you more than other teachers.
Bernard to the next teacher right after talking to me: I love other teachers more than you.

On a comprehension test the other day one of the q and a's went like this:
Q- Why did fans appreciate DiMaggio (Joe)?
Bernard's A- Because he died he cared about his baseball team and the manager missed him and the team missed him.

Ha ha! I love this kid. He tells me every day I'm pretty and look nice. He then proceeds to tell the same thing to all the other aides and teachers around. He says it with so much cheese that I have to try not to crack up. This is an almost daily occurrence.

Here's another student
Me to Felicity (4th grade): Do you know you're so great?
Felicity: Yeah!
Me: How do you know?
Felicity: My mom gives me lots of kisses every day.

Me to Felicity: You did such a great job!
Felicity: Smokin!
Me: What?
Felicity (shaking her hands like they're hot): Smokin!

Ha ha ha ha! I taught them "Smokin" a couple weeks ago. I said it when a small group did well on something. They all gasped and said "ooooh" in disbelief! They thought I was referring to cigarettes. I explained the true meaning then quickly moved on. I never thought they'd remember it but I guess you never can be sure.

In conclusion, will there be more blog posts? Maybe but not likely. I've got some smokin deals at the thrift stores that I'd love to share but life is way to busy present such quality finds. I guess for now, student teaching it is. I'll leave you with a summary of my life right now, Only one word is necessary... Smokin!