Thursday, July 28, 2011

With Gabe in Mind

Browsing Craigslist this evening and came across...

Ketsup? And the eyes? Yikes.

I'm not sure how to comment on this one above.

The point of this one is that his name is "Uncle Tio". Hm.

No one could ever replace Gabe. Never. He's got to make it to 150.

What? You want some more?! This next gal is James's fav.

The ad is what sells it though:

Rahja is loving, loyal, beautiful 8 yr old Australian Shepherd. She is a dog for a woman or family of majority ladies because she was raised by three women and has proven to only allow women to walk her. she is spayed, house broken, walks well on a leash, trained in basic commands, and will play fetch til you stop throwing the ball. She can maintain extended periods of low energy. So if you knit, sew, or just like to watch movies she will sit next to you and love every minute of it.

Rahja does NOT like fireworks...she digs out and runs every 4th of July that she is not brought inside. Other than that, she has no other behavioral problems.

We would like to rehome her because she isn't getting the attention she deserves with health problems in the family and daughters away from home for extra curricular activities and college.

Willing to drive her up the freeway for the right woman/women to love her.

Here was a headliner that we found invitingly enthusiastic:

and another:

And lastly, an excerpt that was randomly read aloud that sounded a little awkward...

Monday, July 25, 2011


Today is a Two-fer. Two quotes fer one post. They come from Beauty and the Beast by Nancy Willard and Barry Moser. I love love this version. It's out of print but you can still order it HERE.

"Nothing cures homesickness quicker than an unexplored tower."

"It's odd what pleases us when our fortunes change."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And Then We Sort of Grew Up

Pretty much, this post is for you Shauni. In honor of your birthday, the old old house, and the new old house:









Thursday, July 7, 2011

From Chapter One

Started reading The Moon is Down by Steinbeck. I love it already. Here's an excerpt:

He turned to the colonel. "Sir, I am of this people, and yet I don't know what they will do. Perhaps you know. Or maybe it would be different from anything you know or we know. Some people accept appointed leaders and obey them. But my people have elected me. They made me and they can unmake me. Perhaps they will if they think I have gone over to you. I just don't know."

Oooh! I love it.