Saturday, October 26, 2013

and stuff...

1. Went and saw The Lion King at Gammage theatre. Rawwr.  

A. Why is the women's line for the bathroom sooooo long that it goes out the door and down the staircase while the men's restroom is not only wide open but has only 5 participants grace it's wide doorway the whole time I stand in line? It was sort of a classy event so I'm sure not too many men made use of bushes outside. Are women's bladders smaller? Hmm.

B. Had an aisle seat so when the characters came singing down the aisle I made eye-contact with a few. Pretty soul-awakening. Such gifts of music are sure witnesses of godliness. When we made eye contact, there was a connection. A soul to soul connection. It gave me serious chills.

2. I have some weird skin disease. 

A.  I find out the lab results in a couple of days but it's probably either strep or staph infection. Really gross. I get sores that ooze a clear yellowy liquid and my skin is loose around the sores. In the meantime, I have to take a "bleach bath" which is half a tub of water combined with half a cup of bleach. Even after a post-bath shower, I smell like a clean toilet. Gross.

B. Here's a picture. 

C. Just kidding. Pictures would be waaaay too much. I feel gross just talking about it.

3. Speaking in church tomorrow on the Atonement of Christ. 

A. I better go figure out what to say? 

B.  Less than 24 hours to go. 

E. After I speak, I'm headin to Salt Lake City to look for a job. Just check things out. Know of anything good?

F.  No more letters. Who's even reading at this point?

G.  Okay. One more. 

H.  Okay. Now I'm done.

I.  Over and out. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Make it Mayer

Thoughts from last night's concert:

1. "If I was handed a front row ticket would I ditch Shauni for it? Nah. She got me this ticket for my Birthday/Christmas present and this is a togetherness experience." I asked Shauni what she would do if someone handed her a front row ticket. Without hesitation, and with a look of "Isn't it obvious?" she said she'd go for it. 

2. "If I was handed a front row ticket would I ditch Shauni for it? Heck yeah. Loyalty to family experience? Pahlease." 

3. "John's whole new album has a very very folk-country feel. Not what I'm used to. I need to listen to the album a lot more to develop the love. I appreciate the development and exploration his music has taken over the years. This new album was initially a surprise, but in retrospect, not too suprising." 

4. "OF COURSE I bump in to Angela Oliver."

4. "Totally shocked that my favorite performance of the whole night was "Your Body is a Wonderland". Adam said the song makes him sound like a pervert? Def not the vibe I got from it."

5. "I get such disappointed reactions from guys when I say I'm a Mayer fan. The reasons they give for hating him have nothing to do with his music. I listen to his music. I don't follow the details of his life (i.e. stalk him. I don't even read articles about him. I've read one.) Quit being so jealous, men."

6. "Oh yeah, I guess he's definitely easy on the eyes too."

7. "Thanks Shauni for such an opportunity of the divine."