Monday, September 12, 2011

And the Giant Peach

Shelby was at the grocery store and found James' other half...

Naturally, a photo shoot:

Thanks Shelbs. You're the best!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

So Not the Knees

Yesterday night we were out and about having a good time down Main St. See Exhibit A:

Well. We were on our way out, heading back up the street when Shauni grabbed my arm all quiet-sneaky like. "That's Busy Bee Lauren." I didn't get what she said at first but in a split second it clicked. It was not the bees knees. It was the Bee herself. I got so excited I followed her right into the shop she entered. 

Immediately upon entry, I felt all awkward and excited and froze not knowing what to do. Froze. As soon as I came about my wits, I ran outside to the group. She hadn't seen me but, darn it, I wanted to meet her. I made everyone wait till she came out. I had to meet her. I greeted her oober awkwardly. Definitely sounded like a fool. A crazy fool. I didn't care. I got to meet her! She was so gracious and kind. Thanks Lauren for putting up with the awkwardness! 

Who the heck is this Busy Bee I speak of? See Exhibit B:

Yes, that's Tedward standing by her side. Where can you find her blog? See Exhibit C:


Sunday, September 4, 2011


Remember that one family reunion when we not only owned the definition of "puke," but took it to a whole new level? Of course you do. We talk about it at every annual family get-together. Barf Fest 1999. Well, I was preparing for a Relief Society lesson this morning and came across this journal entry. Oh how I wish I could have tied it in to the lesson somehow...

July 26, 1999

I’m in the very backseat of the car traveling on the way to Salt Lake City. We are coming from Boise, ID. We just got done with our family reunion a few days ago at Pinetop (Pinetop is a church owned girls camp). It was fun for the most part. What I mean is it was fun until the last night. It all started when I woke up from a deep sleep and there was Bethany standing there looking down at me. I asked her what was wrong and she threw up. Luckily I saw it coming and I moved (She also told me she was going to puke). That’s how it all started. After that I moved by mom and James. Right after I settled, James threw up, then Kevin, Parker, Abby, and Spencer had their turns. That night was my worst nightmare come true. Just smelling it and hearing it made me want to throw up. I hate throwing up. I’m almost afraid of it. I can’t stand it. Maren and Reed went home throwing up that day and the day before.

The picture featured above was taken prior to bedtime that night. Yep, there's sweet, unsuspecting Bethany smiling right beside me. If only I knew the horrors about to unfold. If only she knew. If only all of us knew... about the Kool-Aide, right? Of course, in the passing years, the journaled trauma has transpired into the most endearing, fond reminiscings. Oh guys. I miss you. You're so far away!

I say we're overdue for another reunion at Pinetop, yeah?