Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Tonight I found it necessary to peruse this blog for a past post containing pertinent details pertaining to an immediate need of recollection. I left the blog with two inspirations. 

1. I miss blogging. It's sort of like a journal/soapbox that happens to be public but doesn't feel so because I can't see anyone's face as I type which means I jolly-well go ahead and say/post whatever I want. I feel that if I could see other people's faces, I wouldn't change what I'd post, but I'd be more conscious and careful. More restrained. Stuff like THIS, THIS, and THIS definitely wouldn't have seen fruition. The blog affords an unrestrained freedom that the ailment of shyness can't withstand. On the whole, it's basically you, fam, that reads this so I guess there're no worries anyway.

2. I had a past life with hobbies that were abandoned in the reckless panic in the chaos that befell me when the school year began. I think there're 180 days in a school year, yeah? I don't know (What I do know for sure is that there are only 23 left). So we'll say there are 180. Of those days, I blogged 5. That's 5/180. That's 2.7%. Also known in modern academia as "F". Yikes. Yikes.