Tuesday, August 31, 2010


One of the most, the very most, soul-satisfying feelings I experience in life happens to be drinking in my mom's gut-deep, face-scrunching, total-body-encompassing episodes of laughter. She's been doing it more often lately than she ever has in the past. I love it. Its more satisfying for my soul than soaking in sunshine or singing in the shower. Speaking of singing in the shower, I'm so out of the habit. I can't believe I've been off the bandwagon for so long. Tomorrow morning, I'm singing in the shower.


  1. So...how was it? How was singing in the shower again? Can I say that I love how I'm leaving you a yodeleheehoo instead of a comment? That makes me happy!

  2. Ha ha. I sang once in the shower but that's because the other times were early in the morning. I don't think the sleepers would like it too much. Girl! Update your blog! I miss your posts!