Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This week in the subject of "reading" we are studying "The Gold Rush". It's some pretty good stuff. This morning I put a pertinent riddle on the board:

"How do you turn soup into gold?"

The students wrote their guesses on a little sheet and turned them in. They had to wait till the end of the day to hear their peers' guesses along with the correct answer. Here are some of the 4th grade guesses:

"by boiling it with a goldin coin"

"you boil it in extremly hot water"

"you boil the soup and it will be soft and yellow"

"you boil it and what and make it into a ball."

"put it in a fire"

"you need the soup to get hard then roll it up and wait till it Dries"

"you put yellow food coloren"

"Soup is gold by its color"

"You can't turn soup into gold."

"magic or something"

"I think you Put the gold in and the soup turns into gold."

"by a wizard or majic or just a put gold in soup"

"You freeze the soup"

"You can't it is in posible! There is no way you can"

"I dont know its kind of inpossible. But I would think that you would have the soup get stale and Put glitter on it and then make it doughy. Then smack on the ground. Dont as me why I wrote that. I was just guessing!"

Some smarty pants said "You exchange the letters with the letters in the word gold." Get it?

So you want to know the real answer? It's, "Put 24 carrots into it."
Hahaha! O.k. Not that funny but it added much needed pep for the day.

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