Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This One Time, Part 1

There was this one time in October of last year that I went to California to visit my uncle, aunt, and cousin. Oh, it was the grandest time. While there, we went to this place:

It's the Walt Disney Family Museum. In fact, Here's a picture of me and my cuz outside in the sunshine.

Are you wondering about the limo? Keep wondering. The museum was pretty rad. Loved it. There was so much cool "stuff". In particular, there was one whole section devoted to Snow White. Of course, the most fascinating item that caught my attention was a book entombed in a glass case, kind of like Snow White in her coffin (she was in a glass coffin, right?). The book was.... Snow White, obviously. Not a big surprise if you're standing in a room plastered with the girl. The luring part about the book was that it was one published when the movie first came out (1937). It was opened to the first page. I read it, naturally. I was hooked. I decided I'd have to get a copy, somehow. So while no one was looking, I jimmied the glass top off and snuck the book into my purse. J/K.

My only option (that I could think of) was to write down info about it (copyright, etc.) and hope to find one online in the near future. I found a few on Ebay. Here's a picture or two:

If you want it too, check it out HERE, where I got the pictures from. I somehow couldn't see myself spending a rough 5 hundred bucks for one. So I sent my cosmic wish out into the universe beckoning for one to come to me at my favorite shopping place, Deseret Industries. Did it come to me? You're dying to know. I know. Stayed tuned for Part 2 of "This One Time". There's a little twist to the story.


  1. Why must this be in TWO parts? Hurry up! I must know!! You think I'm being sarcastic...but I'm not...I really want to know!

  2. Just wait for part 2 Maren. When I heard it yesterday, I had the biggest belly ache from laughing. The story involves quite a few tears and there I was rolling on the floor laughing as she related her adventure to me.