Friday, February 4, 2011

This One Time, Part 2

So there I was, this one time, at Deseret Industries after school looking for classroom supplies. As usual, I made it a priority to stop by the books section. Perusing, perusing, and what? Lo and behold! A Snow White Book. I knew the instant I saw the cover that it had to be the one. I must submit that there was a major difference between this one and the one in San Fran. This was a larger sized version and printed in the 80's while the true one was so small, quaint and much older. I'm not complaining though. Beggars can't be choosers, right? While I KNEW it was the one, I still had to open to the inside front page to make sure. Yep, it matched the one in San Fran. The picture and wording was the same! "How could I remember the wording?" you wonder. I'll tell you and show a picture of what I'm talking about.

Tell: The picture and writing was/is a little catchy so it was recalled from my brainy recesses in a snap.

Show: Here's what that magical page looked like:

So now that you see what I'm talking about, I'll get along to the good part of the story...

There I stood, book in hand with a thrill of delight. I went straight to the cash register. Didn't even finish looking through the remainder of books section! This neglect of treasure has never happened before, so you know how good of a deal I felt I had. Taking great strides down the isles, I made it to the cash register, triumphant. Once at the register, I organized my loot in piles by price and Snow White was at the very end in the "missing price tag" pile. The guy/clerk informed me abruptly and almost rudely that he couldn't sell me the book without a price tag. "It needs go to the back where it will be priced then it'll be put on the floor tommorrow. If you want it, you can come back tomorrow." Ooooo.K. A logical step forward would be to just go to the back and have it priced, right? Not an option with this guy. It's store policy. He wouldn't budge or let me get a word in edgewise, a word explaining that this wasn't just any book! I started to tear. I know, I know. I was a little teary. And ticked too. Out of nowhere, magically an ever-so-desired book appears and that clerk-guy had the audacity to tell me to "come back tomorrow"? I couldn't talk to him as I swiped my debit card. If I said anything I'd have a tear spill over, for real. That or I'd say something nasty to him. I walked out the automatic doors with poison pumping from my heart to my nerve endings. Actually, I wasn't mad, just stunned and a little panicked.

Halfway to the car, I had a surge of determination. If I waited till tomorrow, the book might be there, but then again, it might not. Had I not just seen an up for grabs, lone binder in the school supplies cabinet the other day and when I went back the next, it was gone? No, that little trick wouldn't happen to me again. No, sir! I would have that book!!! I quickly threw the bags I had in the car, spun around, and dug my heals into the parking lot as I plowed forward, back into the store.

You know something? I got it. I was determined. What?! What happened?! How did I get that book?! That's the best part of the story and it's yet to come. I bet you want to know, don'tcha?Well, stay tuned for Part 3.


  1. Seriously Erica....not cool. How could you do this to me?