Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh, Joe.

Story Time:

Janet and Clarissa are great friends with ties unseverable. Clarissa is wonderful. She has many friends and graciously includes Janet in the circle. One day Janet meets Joe from the circle of friends and decides she is liking that fine young fellow, whereupon the fond emotions of springtime and fancy enter her heart and take the center stage. Janet is vocal about this buck but not boisterous about the whole affair. Love and springtime are such a magical mix that spin a girl round throughout the day. Oh how they flutter in the heart of a young lady (okay, Janet wasn't THAT lilty over Joe). Still, Janet likes Joe. Shortly after the newfound fancy takes flight, Clarissa takes interest in Joe too. Dum dum dum.

Pause and Question:

Is it okay for Clarissa to jump in on the pursuit and run alongside in the chase of almighty Joe? Do you overrun your friend in pursuit of your ideal prospect? All is fair in love and war, right? And after all, Joe came from Clarissa’s circle of friends and not Janet’s, right?


Clarissa joins the race full force and of course Joe is noticing, and liking it. Janet, a little stunned, doesn’t know quite what to do. Should she back down? Should she continue the chase? Deep down, she’s smart enough to know how this ends if the current patterns of behavior continue, but at the same time, Joe did hold her hand. Joe was regularly flirtatious. And what about the great conversations on the phone lasted well over an hour? Ya know what? That stuff doesn’t count. Joe has really been interested in Clarissa the whole time.

Stay tuned:

More story to come. What will these love affairs bring!?

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