Thursday, March 31, 2011

Continued Story

Story Continues:

Clarissa joins the race full force and of course Joe is noticing, and liking it. Janet, a little stunned, doesn’t know quite what to do. Should she back down? Should she continue the chase? Deep down, she’s smart enough to know how this ends if the current patterns of behavior continue, but at the same time, she still is in the running. After all, just last week Joe did hold her hand. Joe was regularly flirtatious. And what about the great conversations on the phone lasted well over an hour? Ya know what? It Didn’t count. Joe was really interested in Clarissa the whole time.

How did Janet know? The last great phone conversation she had with Joe ended up being a coaching session consisting of her reassuring Joe that Clarissa would definitely say yes if he asked her out and he needs to just ask instead of hanging around all the time. Lame, for Janet. More lameness occurred at the end of the said coaching conversation when I… I mean Janet told Joe that the whole buddy/flirty friend thing would have to end from that point on because she (Janet) didn’t want to be in the middle of things. Joe didn’t get it at first, then after Janet explained it in simple terms, he got it. The “more lameness” part enters here. Right after the conversation ended, as in they hung up the phone, Janet sent him a text of some conversation related info she forgot to tell him. It was nothing big, but it had to be sent and a text sufficed. His response text was “What will I do without you?”. What a stab to the aching, longing girl’s heart. Joe knew Janet liked him. Why would he tug at that girl’s poor heartstrings like that? Joe. Keep your mouth shut Joe. Please? Oh life. What a ride you are.

This story (actually it was pretty much a journal entry) is dramatic and pathetic. I wrote it the other day and have had a good laugh reading it since. I'll say it once again. "Oh, life". And I move forward. It's a good thing I can laugh at such situations. Besides there's no time left for wallowing. My heart is now occupied with other pressing troubles...

One of my girls is due to deliver her baby today, March 31. I don't know what it's like to be a mother but I think about her constantly and worry. How is she going to take care of her baby? She didn't even know how a baby exits the mother's womb, how a baby comes out, how a baby is born until she was shown a video in the nurse's office not too long ago. Is there anything else I can do at this to help prepare her for the dramatic life change that is about to take place at any given moment? She is so sweet and loves babies but what will she do when her baby is screaming with a fever of 100 degrees? Will she remember how to read the label found on the back of a medicine box? We've been practicing the skill for two weeks... but will any of that stick? She has no clue how her world is about to change forever physically, emotionally, mentally, and etc. Oh how she's on my mind and in my heart.