Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh, Mikhail

I'm really feeling the dance fever lately (Not the Saturday Night kind though). I'm starving for culture. I'd pay $700 dollars for a ticket to see Mikhail. Seriously. I'd have to think a little bit if it got any pricier than that. But yeah. He's delicious.

This last one is a bit... no very dramatic and dark. Nonetheless, I love it. *Note- The timing is off on the clip. Dang it. They dance a little too fast. That's okay. I'll just watch my movie at home and you'll at least get a glimpse of the magnitude of his power. He's such a dream boat.

Oh how I wish my gangly, semi-awkward body could express my inner whole in such a portrayal of divinity and grace as the master Mikhail.

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