Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Past Little While

Time- 5:32

Start time of family dinner that we haven't had in a long time and that the grandparents are here for- 5:30

Speed limit- 45 mph

Speed clocked by that darn camera- 56 mph

Family dinner excuse for speeding- worthless

Price of ticket- $171.25

2. The best place to visit on an average of three times a week- Mesa Frozen Yogurt

The calendar that hangs on my fridge noting the daily flavors available- click HERE

The number of days that have at least one uber-appealing flavor highlighted yellow on my calandar- every single one

The cost (with tax) of a size #1- $1.64

3. What is the very best way to spend your time on a Saturday morning after a late night?- FBYWT a.k.a. Family Bonding Yard Work Time. See HERE for past experiences.

The amount of time it takes to drag your sluggish body out of bed- apx. 15 minutes

The warm fuzzy feelings that you feel for your family as you rake up the neighbors pine needles and leaves that have fallen into your yard- M.I.A.

Watching your mom, who is feeling a little intense, ring your own doorbell about 50 times (I'm serious when I estimate 50) to wake your sister up (who hasn't had any prior notice) to come on out and join the festivities- Priceless.

Welcome back FBYWT. It's been awhile.

Oh yeah... There are some things money can't buy, but for everything else, I'm going to have to use my summer savings.

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