Saturday, September 10, 2011

So Not the Knees

Yesterday night we were out and about having a good time down Main St. See Exhibit A:

Well. We were on our way out, heading back up the street when Shauni grabbed my arm all quiet-sneaky like. "That's Busy Bee Lauren." I didn't get what she said at first but in a split second it clicked. It was not the bees knees. It was the Bee herself. I got so excited I followed her right into the shop she entered. 

Immediately upon entry, I felt all awkward and excited and froze not knowing what to do. Froze. As soon as I came about my wits, I ran outside to the group. She hadn't seen me but, darn it, I wanted to meet her. I made everyone wait till she came out. I had to meet her. I greeted her oober awkwardly. Definitely sounded like a fool. A crazy fool. I didn't care. I got to meet her! She was so gracious and kind. Thanks Lauren for putting up with the awkwardness! 

Who the heck is this Busy Bee I speak of? See Exhibit B:

Yes, that's Tedward standing by her side. Where can you find her blog? See Exhibit C:


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