Sunday, September 4, 2011


Remember that one family reunion when we not only owned the definition of "puke," but took it to a whole new level? Of course you do. We talk about it at every annual family get-together. Barf Fest 1999. Well, I was preparing for a Relief Society lesson this morning and came across this journal entry. Oh how I wish I could have tied it in to the lesson somehow...

July 26, 1999

I’m in the very backseat of the car traveling on the way to Salt Lake City. We are coming from Boise, ID. We just got done with our family reunion a few days ago at Pinetop (Pinetop is a church owned girls camp). It was fun for the most part. What I mean is it was fun until the last night. It all started when I woke up from a deep sleep and there was Bethany standing there looking down at me. I asked her what was wrong and she threw up. Luckily I saw it coming and I moved (She also told me she was going to puke). That’s how it all started. After that I moved by mom and James. Right after I settled, James threw up, then Kevin, Parker, Abby, and Spencer had their turns. That night was my worst nightmare come true. Just smelling it and hearing it made me want to throw up. I hate throwing up. I’m almost afraid of it. I can’t stand it. Maren and Reed went home throwing up that day and the day before.

The picture featured above was taken prior to bedtime that night. Yep, there's sweet, unsuspecting Bethany smiling right beside me. If only I knew the horrors about to unfold. If only she knew. If only all of us knew... about the Kool-Aide, right? Of course, in the passing years, the journaled trauma has transpired into the most endearing, fond reminiscings. Oh guys. I miss you. You're so far away!

I say we're overdue for another reunion at Pinetop, yeah?


  1. hahahahahaha. I just laughed SO hard about this. Your journal entry captured it perfectly. I almost wet myself when you mentioned Bethany standing above you. Almost like a horror movie...but with barf. Oh my goodness Erica...this has made my YEAR!

  2. Every time I hear about this reunion I am sad that I wasn't there. Darn mission.

  3. I feel the same way about barf and I remember that ride home with Parker and Spencer puking was really rough. haha. I don't think we've had lasagna at a reunion since. hahaha. Thanks for making me laugh SO hard. :)

  4. Just stopped by to read it again. For, like, the 20th time. Still funny.

  5. Ha ha ha. As funny as it it, it could have used a little embellishment. Something like: "It all started when I woke up from a deep sleep and there was Bethany standing there looking down at me..." All of a sudden, the Psycho theme music began screeching and in slow motion I cried "NNNOOOOOOOO!"

    Also, Loyd you probably weren't feeling our presence but we idolized you and talked about you at the reunion so we probably got a better feel for having you there. But I agree, it would have been much more monumental if you were there.

    Mallory, the fact that you brought up lasagna made me gag. It doesn't help that we have some leftover on our fridge right now. Haha. So gross!