Thursday, October 3, 2013

Make it Mayer

Thoughts from last night's concert:

1. "If I was handed a front row ticket would I ditch Shauni for it? Nah. She got me this ticket for my Birthday/Christmas present and this is a togetherness experience." I asked Shauni what she would do if someone handed her a front row ticket. Without hesitation, and with a look of "Isn't it obvious?" she said she'd go for it. 

2. "If I was handed a front row ticket would I ditch Shauni for it? Heck yeah. Loyalty to family experience? Pahlease." 

3. "John's whole new album has a very very folk-country feel. Not what I'm used to. I need to listen to the album a lot more to develop the love. I appreciate the development and exploration his music has taken over the years. This new album was initially a surprise, but in retrospect, not too suprising." 

4. "OF COURSE I bump in to Angela Oliver."

4. "Totally shocked that my favorite performance of the whole night was "Your Body is a Wonderland". Adam said the song makes him sound like a pervert? Def not the vibe I got from it."

5. "I get such disappointed reactions from guys when I say I'm a Mayer fan. The reasons they give for hating him have nothing to do with his music. I listen to his music. I don't follow the details of his life (i.e. stalk him. I don't even read articles about him. I've read one.) Quit being so jealous, men."

6. "Oh yeah, I guess he's definitely easy on the eyes too."

7. "Thanks Shauni for such an opportunity of the divine."


  1. My two cents? Those are some good thoughts. Sounds like a magical evening. I need to get this CD.

  2. Love. Love. Love. Totally take the front row seats. Who needs Shauni if there's a chance with John? We could always use more Johns in the fam. Blog every single day, please. Miss you!!