Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dear Abby

I think that Dear Abby girl is dead and gone. That's okay. I'd much prefer to hear what you'd have to say.

Points for consideration:

1. Felt a push to come to SLC. A serious push. So I'm here. Job hunting.

2. Got a job that, on paper, should be a hands-down, no questions asked, a dang good deal for me. It's a 40 hour a week job, including benefits, with a salary close enough to match my last one. All I'd have to do is arrange entertainment for old people, tease them, talk to them, and have fun. Director of Activities? Who'd turn that down?

3. I did, and didn't even feel regret about it. Hm. Just not feelin it.

4. Flyin home tomorrow to pack my stuff in a hertz truck and drive it up to an apartment I rented. I payed six months with my retirement savings. Unwise? I'd probably say so.

5. I'm moving up with no job, a tad bit of money, and no definite plan, but you know what? I'm bringing my dog so it's all good. It feels right despite the serious lack of logic and planning that my inside keeps fighting to come to terms with.

6. Good news? Salt Lake, I'm here for you baby.

So after typing it all out, I guess I didn't come up with questions for advice. Okay. Here's one. Do you know where any good nut-houses are at? Cause I jut may call you and ask you for a number before too long. Just kidding. I'm sure more exciting updates will come. It seems that there always are.

End note: Maren, and all other cousins. Come to SLC. Let's get this cousins' house started.


  1. I'm hoping to! I don't have guts like you to just up and move and then find a job. Maybe this will inspire me. New Years resolution, perhaps?! haha. I love that you did this. I am planning on coming down once before the end of the year. P.S. come to Boise for Thanksgiving. Ride with Elsina. Or Loyd and Angela if they come. K great. We'll chat soon. (This seems like an odd blog-post comment...maybe should have went with a text, email, or phone call. whatevs. haha). COUSIN HOUSE 2014!!

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