Friday, November 8, 2013

... In a Strange Land

Onto adventures in a strange land. Driving is a completely new experience. People run red lights in the left hand turn lane EVERY time I'm idle at the intersection. Pull that junk in Mesa and you have a photo snapped and a ticket mailed to your home. I guess that game doesn't get played in the SLC.

There are laws and especially unwritten laws I need to learn. Even the traffic flow, parking... everything is so different.

For example

There was a sign that said no parking on a whole street. It's not the widest street so, makes sense, right? Then why were there 50 cars parked along there? So I parked. An hour later I came outside and found this...

How come my car was the only one with a ticket? Bleh.

Later on, I was backing out of a busy parking lot and some lady did so at the same time too (I wasn't in a hurry so don't blame bad driving skills). We barely tapped and she gets out all in a huff. There wasn't a dent on her car, just a tad bit of white on her bumper. I had to look real hard for a mark. This is what my side looked like:

Well, that's what a picture of it looks like in the dark. My cheap phone doesn't have a flash.

Okay. This is what it looks like in the light. Can't really see right? It's just to the right of the white streak of light. A little gray dash. Minimal.

So I say to the lady who's all in a huff, "I'm good if you're good". She's was all "Eh (attitude). This is my husband's car so I don't know. Can I have your phone number so he can call you if he has a problem with it?"

Um, I didn't ask if her husband was going to be good with it and, NO you can't have my number for that reason. Please. That would solve absolutely nothing. Then there was some additional attitude on her part as she tried to explain how she stopped and I was the one that backed into her. I'm prettty sure that's not what happened since I was the one who was 3/4 of the way out and she was still 3/4 of the way still in her spot.

There was barely a mark and there were clearly visible marks from other "incidents". Girl. Don't give me attitude and try to explain to me it's all my fault. We were both at fault, if it was mine at all. Pahlease. Okay. I'll give her a little sympathy. Maybe her husband is a jerk about stuff like that so she was scared, but really. I wish I would have taken a picture so you could see that her husband would never have even noticed. Maybe he would have, but I highly doubt it.

At any rate. She goes on "I wish there was someone here who had seen it".

I reply, "Well there are two guys who are standing there watching us and I'm pretty sure they saw it all. You can go ask them if you're that concerned".

"Huh," she huffed then went and talked to them. When she came back she was sulky but also a little resigned, "The guy is an insurance agent and said it wouldn't even be worth it to go to all the trouble of exchanging numbers, so I guess, whatever."

That's right. Don't mess with me. I have a job to obtain and dwelling to secure and anxiety medication to take tonight, so as my dear wise aunt loves to say, Carry on.

Good news shortly to come.


  1. I miss you. I've been meaning to text you and see how things are going in UT, and then you post! Can't wait to hear/read the good news. :)

  2. Your banner picture! hahahaha. I love it. I love you. Hurry up with the news.