Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Won!

A few days ago Michelle, author of Kids Haus, posted a new print (the one above) she's illustrated. She also announced that she would randomly draw a name from the pool of comments left by visitors and send a print to that lucky, random winner.

I can't even tell you how excited I was today when I went to write up a post and found a comment on my last one. Yes, I get excited about comments but I was floored with wonderment when I found that the last comment was from Michelle informing me I'd won her giveaway! Holy Smokes, I won! As I left the lucky comment the other day, I had hopes of winning tinged with expectation of disappointment. Shame on me for harboring such feelings. Visit Michelle at Kids Haus or at her Etsy shop HERE.

Also, this may sound egocentric but it was exciting to see my blog linked on her page. It's so easy to post all the time and feel like I'm just adding a journal entry, talking to myself and feelin fine. To see my blog posted on another page is like a pinch of reality that all this posting isn't just me and a computer screen. I love connecting with others. How exciting! Snaps for me.


  1. But what did you win?

  2. It wasn't really anonymous -- it was Grandma

  3. I won the print of the fox that is pictured above. She's sending it in the mail!