Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This morning, from a distance, I could see four kids (3 fifth graders, 1 first grader) bobbing up and down. The bobbing, upon closer examination, was actually skipping (skipping is one of my favorites, see HERE). I think they skipped just as high up as they did in comparison with the distance of one stride. They reminded me of the carousel horses that Mary Poppins and company rode on the race track. Every once and a while they would switch to running, then back to skipping. The total distance they covered was about 1/4 of a mile.

As they approached the crosswalk I was, of course, laughing. The only comment one of the boys made was "fastest transportation". They skipped across the crosswalk on their merry way to school. They were so cheery and I couldn't help but feel the bright sunshinyness for the rest of the morning.

I guess the lesson learned today was: If in a hurry to get somewhere, skip. Arrival time is inevitably quicker and cheerier. After all, it's the "fastest transportation".

Side note: I know I probably shouldn't admit this but a couple of weeks ago Boo (19 year-old sis) and I tried skipping around the house for the day. The next day we did galloping. It was pretty hilarious and added some welcomed pep to the regularity of routines. Try it. You just might get a kick out of it. I bet you'd giggle at least once when you do it yourself, then even more so when you see someone else galavanting around the house.

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