Monday, June 7, 2010

Last Week

Brought to you by Family-Bonding-Yard-Work-Time...

The scorpion enemy:

The pvc pipe weapon (bravely utilized by mom):

The size and outcome (being mostly dead before its final smashing to smithereens):

There's never a dull moment during those precious early hours shared together while working on the yard. Those scorpions sure do give me the creeps.

Side note: They don't give me the creeps when we drop them into a flaming ring of fire on the sidewalk followed by egging them on. That's pretty cool.


  1. Glad I"m not the only one who loves to kill insects and other scary creatures. Dave calls them his friends...and wants me to preserve a spiders life. I don't think so...hee heee!

  2. I'm so excited for more FBYWT tomorrow morning! And just to let you know---you better get your weapons ready because it is your turn tomorrow to take care of those little beasts.