Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Reading

I got this paper-back book last year for my brother... and got one for me too since they were on clearance. Then, the other day on Amazon, I saw that the hardback is now on clearance for a mere $5.20! I ordered two. Not only is it a great price but when an emergency gift is needed, it's ideal.

Knucklehead is the autobiography of Jon Scieszka's growing up childhood with his 5 other brothers. The book is geared toward boys ages 8+ who love potty humor and mischievousness (the good kind). Naturally, I loved it. It's hilarious. There are 106 pages, almost all of which feature photos and/or illustration. Each chapter is a new story and is no more than three pages. It moves along fast and I devoured it in less than an hour. You can actually read the first 3 chapters by clicking on the cover photo that says "Look Inside!" HERE. It's only $5.20 for the hardback right now HERE!

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