Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Easy to See Why

Ever watch The Munsters?

Fred Gwynne, who played

Herman Munster, wrote and illustrated

He also wrote and illustrated other mention-worthy books which may be located HERE.

Anyway. The premise of today's featured book (Easy to See Why) is that a little girl, on the way to enter her dog in a pet show, passes by multiple dog-owners who look like their dogs. Or do the dogs look like the owners? Let me give you a few pictoral snippets from the book so you can decide for yourself:

So, after reading the book I got to thinking... Do I look like a dog!?

All I had to do was take two minutes and scan through some photos on the computer. I found myself pleasantly suprised to find that yes, I do! If I ever looked like a dog (or still do) I'd definitely be placed in the category of POODLE. There. It's out in the open. I look like a

Yep, see for yourself. I'm a definite poodle.

Impressive right? How did I not know till now that I have such outer potential? You do too, ya know. Do you know what dog you look like? No? Send me a picture. I'll be glad to identify your match and post it up for speculation.

As a side note: Check out this alpaca all trimmed up to look like a poodle. There are so many new family relations I need to become aquainted with.


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  2. I'd like to know what kind of a dog Ryan looks like. I'm thinking a bull dog? OMG those are soooo cute!!!! But Ryan doesn't like them because they "breathe funny." :(

  3. Sorry, but I messed up on my first comment and I thought that deleting it would ACTUALLY delete it, but now it looks like I said something really mean and then regretted it.

    Hey, you have three comments!

  4. lol. You're a poodle for sure :0)