Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm

Mom fixed some homemade hash browns not to long ago. They were so good. I've been eating them for breakfast, lunch, but not dinner... yet. I'm going to give you the directions so you too can enjoy their deliciosity (don't be fooled by their looks).


1. Get a cheese grater that looks like this

2. Grate a potato. Set aside.
3. Pour oil into a pan and heat that sucker up.
4. Spread the gratings to form a thin patty-like form.
5. Fry it till it's brown.
6. Flip it and brown the other side.
7. Take it out and put it on a plate.
8. Put salt and pepper on it.
9. You must put salt and pepper on it.
10. Eat it (it probably tastes best with a side of eggs, but I just eat it solo).

So there you go. Ten easy steps to obtain a greased-up satisfied stomach.

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