Sunday, April 3, 2011


"Erica, why haven't you posted any sweet thrift store finds lately?"

I know the question has been on your mind. I've been very busy. But here, let me indulge your insatiable interest and inquiry...

This here is my regal lion statue. Location of purchase, Deseret Industries. She's good lookin, I know. If you look slightly to the left, you might spot my prized manual typewriter which is in perfect working condition. Where did I purchase it? Goodwill. It was $7.99 and not even half-off day.

I hate to reveal too much too soon but I can't resist. For awhile now an idea has been turning over in my head. I saw on some blog that a lady bought a vintage seascape featuring a ship sailing a stormy in the night. She added her own artwork to it, an enormous octopus cleaving to the whole of the ship as if fighting to drag it under. It was rad. I can't find her webpage anymore I sorely wish I would have bookmarked it. Anyway, I started keeping my eyes out for a cool opportunity. It came last week at Goodwill with the price tag of $12.99 (before the half off). Here's a peek at the upcoming masterpiece...

It really is a shame that you have to behold it's fine character from the view of a cellphone camera. Until the car and student loan are payed off, this will have to do just fine. For the final product, I'll borrow someones camera so you can get the full effect of the awe-inspiring piece. What am I going to add to it? Oh, I bet you want to know. It's a surprise. Knowing me though, I'd probably gather it has something to do with children's literature and if you did gather that much, you'd be right.

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