Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bob at the Crosswalk

Today I share with you a priceless photo of me. It's cold and I'm at the crosswalk in the morning. Having a blast? Hmm.

I share this picture with you because it includes my new, teddy-friend-for-a-day Bob. Bob has been rotated around my literacy class this past semester and I finally got to host him at the end. When I took Bob home, my assignment was to include him with me on an adventure, then have him write about it in his teddy bear journal. What other adventure would I want to take Bob on, other than crossing guard duty? None. How did Bob fare, you ask? I'll just share with you his journal entry:

"Crossing Guard Duty"

Today I protected the innocent pedestrian lives of exuberant, sweet children. Did any child get hit by a car? Not while I'm on duty! Nuh uh. Such incidents only happen at the other crosswalks.

Signing out,
P.S. I was pretty thrilled about the official garb. Who doesn't like to revel in a little neon glory every once and a while?

So there you have it. Crosswalk Wonder-Bob and his sidekick Erica. Unfortunately, you can't stay tuned for more adventures with Bob. He went home to his family. Fortunately, you can experience the excitement of crossing guard duty for yourself! Yes, you! It's an important job full of dangers so I'll be there to coach you through the process. I'd like to say that your experience will be priceless, but it won't be. I charge $10 per morning duty experience. It's well worth the money, for me. Also, note, a complimentary photo will be provided.

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  1. I love you! You are hilarious. And so is Bob.