Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Can of Deliciousness

I must say I was quite pleased when we received a can of this joy from friends this Christmas season. Of course, there was a homemade label wrapped around the can instead of a cow face, but I barely even looked at the label. It was the insides I was after.

You ask "Sweetened Condensed Milk?" I reply with "What else would there be?" I'd like to explain how you too can obtain this desirable treat:

Take one can of the Eagle Brand America's Most Trusted Sweetened Condensed Milk and set it in a pot of water to boil for 3 hours. Keep the pot full of water, and make sure the entire can is always covered by water. Rotate the can around every 45 minutes or so. After 3 hours, take the can out and set it on the counter to cool. When it is not burning hot, put in in the refrigerator and leave it in overnight.

The can will be ready upon the morrow. Open it up to find ounces of pure deliciousness. The sweetened condensed milk will no longer be runny. It will be like unto a thick carmel dip, but better. Most consumers will chop up an apple to dip into it. I just get a spoon and start digging in.

Be good to yourself. Try it.


  1. Sounds kind of like the pancake syrup some people make. Have you ever tried that?

  2. Why is it that two of your most recent blogs deal with FOOD (food with sugar, to be exact)?