Saturday, December 5, 2009

Graffiti and The Boogey Man

I went on an adventure to an abandoned warehouse over the weekend with a friend. All in all, it was a good thrill. It was a little creepy, especially when we scared a bird and it, in turn, alarmed us with its puny darting and fluttering. I wasn't really scared until we got to a stairwell. Then my heart started pounding. At the top, there was a man with a gun. Just kidding about the gunman part. It was dark and steep. To sum it up, I was too chicken to go up. In addition, there was a huge face that looked like a sly devil of a man. He flaunted his bold height from floor to ceiling. I'll admit I was creeped out about that too. The feelings that I experienced can best be described by earlier events from my childhood....

When I was little, and my family would go on vacation to visit my grandparent's house, it was inevitable that at one point during the stay I'd have to go down in the basement to get a can of something for my grandma. I was sure that there was some bad guy waiting in the basement pantry (for you Ericsons, the one directly facing the stairs 25 feet away, not the one at the end of it). He was there, covertly waiting to get me. In my mind I knew such thoughts of massacre were foolishness, but my knowing heart screamed RUNN!!! I knew that once I started bounding up the stairs, my chances for living were almost sure.

Every kid gets scared like that at one time or another right? I hope I'm not alone. The part of this story where I may be alone is that even when I was in junior high, the mad dash for my life was still happening. Sure, I might not have been sweating by the time I got to the top of the stairs, but I was still quick on the job. That's for sure.

So as I approached the stairs in the warehouse, a remembrance of these distant feelings emerged and I firmly refused to go up. As I walked past the spooky picture, I almost thought he'd turn his head and follow my every move. CREEPY!! I quickly moved forward for the rest of the tour.

In honor of my weekend experience, I'd like to share with you a little video. It's pretty long and I got bored after a while, but It's entertaining to watch for a minute or two. Yes, it is a movie of graffiti. Yes, the graffiti comes alive. Maybe I was a little justified in my fears of the evil graffiti-man on Friday night?

Here you go.

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  1. I have many places I should have ventured to but was too scared to. I've been thinking of writing a book with the concept.