Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh Snap! Oh Snap!

There are certain care-free idiosyncrasies that elementary school children exhibit. No matter where you go, you'll find the same in any elementary school. I love it when I catch a child mid-idiosyncrasy. Doing so allows me to bask in that carefree state and then carry a little bit of that feeling on for the rest of the day. There are many, many idiosyncrasies of children, but here are my favorite carefree/trying to learn carefree ones:

Skipping at full speed
Skipping so fast that tripping is inevitable
Whistling a clear, loud tune
Just whistling
Barely whistling
Blowing air, trying to whistle
Casually walking around with hands in pockets
Pulling treasures out of pockets
Whistling with hands in pockets
Whistling with hands in pockets while skipping (Just Kidding)
Trying to snap

Some of these carry on into adulthood you say? Why yes, they do. Hopefully you're not the one skipping so fast that tripping is inevitable, but then again, if I'm around, maybe, hopefully you are. O.K. In all seriousness do you do any of these? At any rate, I'm definitely going to have to post other types of idiosyncrasies. These are just my favorite, care-free ones. Did I miss any other major carefree ones?

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