Thursday, May 13, 2010


I was scrolling through some old photos today in search of one in specific. I got caught up looking through all of them and found so many that would be a hoot to share. Unfortunately, the subjects of those photos probably wouldn't appreciate their presence on my blog (Shauni picking a wedgie and James playing in the Missississippi river in spiderman undies). Maybe I'll get permission to share them at a later date, or maybe I won't get permission and share them at a later date. Anyway here's some photos from one of the albums...

After turning 8 years of age, the opportunity to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (see HERE) was presented to James. As he turned 8 while my grandparents were serving a mission in Nauvoo (see HERE), it was decided that we'd just mosey on over and take care of business there; for one, grandparents were there serving a mission where rich family history took place and, for two, why not?

At the time, I was attending school at BYU-Idaho so I hopped on a flight late, late at night and we the fam hopped on a train early that next morning. Here's Boo and I catching some z's at the station.

After the mini-nap, but before hopping on the train, we stuck money on the tracks to see what would happen. I'd always been awed by the scene in Pollyanna when Jimmy Bean stuck a chain on the train tracks. Would it work with money? Yes, it did.

Upon our arrival in Nauvoo, we proceeded to travel in the rental car. Notice the tightly upholstered, stony gray, mostly uncomfortable driver's seat. Now notice the children in the back. I love pictures that for one, have awkward chair placement and for two, have us kids grouped together (though we're missing Ryan on this trip). My favorite family photos are always the ones that are taken randomly when we're sitting together, all of us crammed in the photo at once (it helps my lack of a photogenic nature to be surrounded by those beauties). Enough said about the below photo. Actually, too much said. Moving along...

The following and last two pictures were taken at James's baptism. Yes, he was baptized outside in the Missississippi river. It was a cool experience. The first photo below is the family (sans James and Dad) and the second one is of my grandma, sisters, and I walking back to the car after the baptism. I love that photo.

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