Monday, May 24, 2010

Time's Up

My cell phone contract has been up for awhile now but I haven't gone in for a new phone because my old one was still tickin. The back cover fell off a long time ago leaving the battery exposed but, hey, it still worked. Anyway. I went to Walmart with Boo on Friday and, while in the electronic section, found that with a 2 year renewal of contract, the chocolate touch would be given for free. Cha-Ching. That's right. Zero dollars. We went back on Saturday and sealed the deal.

I'm not too into cell phones, meaning I leave mine at home all the time when I go out and often can't find it around the house when I do want it; however, during the ride home, while fiddling around with my new beauty, I felt pretty excited about my improved situation. After arriving home, I even carried the phone around the house with me. About an hour/45 minutes later, after the excitement died down, I forgot about the new phone in my back pocket, unfortunately. Unfortunately? Yes... I had to take a bathroom break and a split second prior to seating myself, I heard a plop in the toilet. For a millisecond I thought "What in the world? That sound didn't come from me!". As I turned around, I saw my phone sitting at the bottom of the bowl. I grabbed it out lightning quick and dried it off but alas, it was no use. It was ruined!

I headed out to the Verizon store (not at Walmart) to see what my options were. I was disappointed to find that my phone, just hours old, could only be replaced if I payed 50 dollars, as it was insured. Huff. Puhlease. I wasn't going to pay one lick for a new phone. What a big fat bummer. My only other option was to trek back to Walmart with a smidgen of hope. The guy who helped me with the phone deal earlier was still there and... in minutes I found myself in possession of an identical brand new phone, at no cost! What a deal.

Side-note: I checked the model display of my new LG Chocolate Touch phone at the Verizon store and had I renewed my contract there, I would have had to pay 129 bucks (with $50 mail in rebate). For the same transaction I had at their Walmart location! What a well kept secret those Walmart hideouts are. From now on, I'm always checking at Walmart first, naturally. Also, below is a photo of my sometimes trusty, prior phone.

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