Friday, May 28, 2010


Anytime I walk to lunch with the kindergartners, they want to hold hands. It sounds really sweet, and it is, until there are 5 of them clawing at me. A couple months ago I told the kids there was a new rule that I'm not aloud to hold hands anymore. One wide-eyed, blue-eyed boy is pretty sly, aside from being cute. Awhile back, he just grabbed my hand as I was walking along. When I looked down at him, he kept looking forward without even stealing a glance at my reaction. Just pretended like nothing had happened. Ha ha. He pretty much lassoed my heart and has drug it around everywhere since.

About a month ago, the sly hand-holder told me he is going to Hawaii this summer on vacation. I told him he could take me with him and I'd be his buddy there. No way was that an option for him. Only his family was going. Come lunch time, he wanted to hold my hand. I reminded him of the hand holding rule, since everyone started to gather to pounce on the "yes" response. I almost moved right along, then changed my mind. If he'd take me to Hawaii, of course I'd hold his hand on the way to lunch. I told him so and offers started pouring in from all of the kindergartners. Many offered to take me to Hawaii, some to California, and my favorite offer was "I'll take you to Hawaii AND Chucky Cheese!". Ha ha! If only such offers were valid. My summer would be set.

I had to run to get ice yesterday during lunch. As I walked past the kinder playground to the car, one of the boys on a swing yelled out "Erica! I'll marry you cuz I think you're beautiful and I'll take you to California!". Sweet! Marriage proposal AND a vacation plan. To bad he's not 20 years older... or maybe it's a good thing! It was a decent farewell for the end of the school year. I'm going to miss bartering handholding for vacations.

Other things I'll miss this summer include: digging for dinosaur bones in the sandbox, singing The Princess Pat, Miss Polly Had a Dolly and The Peanut songs, sneaking gummy bears to kids when my mom isn't looking, playing Sharks and Minnows (sandbox style) with the third grade during lunch recess, kid reactions when I reply "Yes, but not here on the playground!" after they ask if they can go to the bathroom, chatting with kids in the back room instead of working on math like we're suppose to, seeing the students be and feel successful, finding a good book match for someone, working with the office staff who have become much more that just co-workers, and the list goes on and on and on and on. Field has been my home across the street from home. I'm so glad I have the opportunity to return in the fall to do my student teaching. Look out!

Thing I won't miss this summer: Crossing guard duty. There were some good moments (HERE and HERE and HERE). There some other moments. The moments are done. Done for good. And I'm quite content with the fact.

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