Saturday, January 22, 2011


This week the speech teacher came in to class to work with the students on expressive language. She asked the students to describe Dustin, a senior (This kid cracks me up. I'm so lucky to have him). One of the girls in the class mentioned that he had two shirts on, an undershirt and shirt. Dustin proceeded to explain, in a manner as if he'd been caught doing something wrong, "I'm wearing my undershirt inside out, because it's inappropriate." I can't even tell you how much I enjoy working with that kid. You'd love him too if you knew him.


Let's talk about Kami. I can't get enough of this girl either. For homework, I gave her a list of eleven words with simple, simple definitions. The assignment was to copy the words and definitions two times. On her assignment I wrote "Copy 2x". I gave examples in class of what those directions implied but somehow she came back the next day with her own interpretation. Here's how it went after I asked the students to place homework on their desks:

"Kami? You didn't do your homework?"
"Miss Dyar! I did it!"
I pointed to the directions trying to explain, "You were supposed to copy it two times."
"Miss Dyar! I did my homework! See!"

She then moved the top sheet aside and revealed a 2 photo copies of the assignment.

"Kami? Where did you make the copies?!"
"I went to the library!"

Needless to say, she definitely got credit for her homework that night.

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