Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poll and a Winner

So the little poll on the side? The correct answer is Tiger Woods.

Now for the winner. Remember that one time how there were some embarrassing photos posted about how I look like a poodle? See HERE. Well, somehow at our household we managed to get another dog and he sure is a winner. You could call him my long lost brother...

Which one's the dog? The black one on the bottom. James named him Billy Joel. I know what's probably going through your head now, "Shouldn't she be embarrassed about this timeless photo?". Yes, but here's the deal. I'm tired and the dog is squirmy and this was the best photo out of seven. I'm not takin more than that. Besides, how cute can you look after a day of hammering in the coal mines? On a positive note, I think it captures our stylish poodle-hair-dos quite nicely.

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