Sunday, January 16, 2011

So Far So Good

Toward the end of the year 2010, I started watching my moves more closely. I'd made it almost a whole year without stitches, which seem so unnatural. Was disaster lurking around the corner? It just so happened that the watching payed off. I made it through clear and free from any E.R. experiences and the aquisition of bad bruises was pretty minimal too. Here're a few memories from 2009:

That one time I was out roller-blading and biffed it.

Closer up...

At least you can't see the chin bone like the incident prior to this one.

Moving furniture around the house

Fell off the chair while stapling stuff to the wall.

This is definitely a gross post but the pictures have been sitting in my phone forever and it's time to move on. Besides, my posterity must be forewarned of the clumsy nature bestowed upon them. Also posterity, when you're chin is still dripping blood ten minutes after the big biff, don't stroll down to the house of the doctor who's your neighbor just to make sure you need stitches. Don't be a doofus. Get in the car and go to your local Urgent Care pronto.


  1. I'm glad you haven't had any more roller blading incidents...

  2. Oh Erica! Can't you find anything better than that to post? How about a graduation picture. That is much more pleasing to the eye--at least to my eye!