Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today's To-Do's

I'm always so glad when Saturday rolls around. I get to do normal things that are not possible to accomplish during the week. I guess you could say that "Saturday is a special day".


Laundry darks
Laundry whites
Lauren's Christmas gift
Put together Shauni's Christmas gift
Organize class binders (Oh help!)
Clean Bathroom
Write Ryan
Write Kimberly
Drop book off at library
Visit the temple
Finish literacy project
Find box for other literacy project
Go make copies of literacy handouts for class on Monday
Iron dishtowel (is prep for next task)
Iron on dishtowel iron-on pattern
Watch a movie tonight (Thankfully I'll be able to multi-task and get this done along with another on the list at the same time.)

So there you have it. There are many other things to be done, but I need to get started and those are the first that came to mind. The time for dilly-dallying is past. Oh, what would I do without Saturday!? What do you do on Saturday?


  1. My favorite thing is that shower is followed by a question mark! Spoken like a true woman! Today Bill and I are taking my in-laws to a park for a picnic and then playing frisbee golf with some friends! Yay for fun Saturdays! (Mind you, yesterday was a day for all the not-so-fun stuff)

  2. Definitely your day is full of optimal Saturday activities! Also. I want your ice cream. Lots and lots of it. I just stared at the post hoping the delectableness would jump right out of the screen and into a bowl in front of me saying "Eat me for breakfast!"

  3. Wow Erica!
    You do lots.
    I mainly just pound chicken on the table with a hammer...and don't wipe it up. It brings back good times.:)

  4. Just as long as that clucker is raw baby!

  5. Now you need to put a check mark by all those things that you did do. Did you notice that you did almost everything but the homework?! Okay, I will give you a break since you didn't do the dishtowels either.