Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time: Late-ish

I just got home from class. It's been an action packed day, but I'm new to the blogging-world so of course I have an initial exuberance of devotion. Because I missed so many stop-and-smell-the-roses moments today, I'm guessing that maybe some of you did too. Presumptuous? I don't think so, really. Anyway, who cares? I'll share with you a video of a dog catching those precious, missed moments for me, then maybe you'll feel better too.

What You Missed from Michael Kontopoulos on Vimeo.

I'll here give a shout out and special thanks to Michael for taking care of the important moments in life. What a pro. He really is.

Here is one gem battling for the first-place-favorite spot. I couldn't bear to leave it out, even though it has nothing to do with missed moments. Well, now that I think about it, as far as missed moments and this video are concerned, I definitely think that by watching the video, you won't be wasting or missing any of them precious moments. That's for sure.

Machine that Tries to Draw Circles from Michael Kontopoulos on Vimeo.

So my friends, which one is your favorite? What'll it be? Note: Even if you thought the videos were irritating, a waste of time, ridiculous, or stupid, I'll have you know; such thoughts are not fitting and do not apply to these videos.

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  1. Haha...My favorite is definitely the first one! Although, I wish he had been somewhere more eventful :)