Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting Close to Mothers' Day

Mothers' Day is coming up, which is rather convenient as I've been feeling very grateful for my mom lately. She's simply the best. I wish I had the capacity to express my sentiments in a manner of magnitude that would even come close to the reflection of her inherent, immeasurable quality of character. Alas, here are some tidbits that will have to do, examples of qualities and attributes I've had the privilege of (hopefully) learning from:

1. She values righteousness above, well, the alternative.

2. When she makes mistakes, she's truly humble. For example, last year she got on this kick called "family yard-work time" and held those pow-wows for a couple of weeks straight in the blazing, mid-morning, Saturday heat. (Enter sarcasm) Good one mom (exit sarcasm). It was hellish. After a couple of weeks, we kids gave her a talking to (respectfully of course) and in humility, she obligingly switched the next appointed date to an earlier time of day.

Note: That was not the kind of reflection of mom's humility I wanted to go for, but oh well. Free story for you. On to number three...

3. She knows how to laugh and do so thoroughly. She knows how to laugh harder than anyone I know. For example, a long time ago that wasn't too long ago, she and I were at the deli of the local grocery store. We stood looking at our reflections in the bowed glass. We definitely looked like squatty Oompa Loompas. I waved my arms up and down and lifted my feet. She followed suit. We sat there momentarily, waving our arms doing "The Freddy". She laughed so heartily that I had to stop and watch her laugh. I remember thinking "Shouldn't mom be quiet? People are going to stare!" I was more conscious of her laughter drawing attention than that which would have come of "The Freddy"? At any rate, I loved seeing her laugh like that. I'll never forget it. She can still laugh hard. And I still love it.

Don't know what "The Freddy" is? It's toward the end of the video clip below. Classic dance from some classic girls.

On to number four...

4. She is the hardest worker I've ever met. Ever. On top of that, she is diligent in her efforts, labors, and responsibilities. She doesn't work hard for a week or a month only to cut back and take it easy for however long (not that she doesn't have a balance). She pushes forward, giving her all and then some more, and doesn't look back. Also, her work is always fruitful. If I were an employer, I'd beg her to come work for me. You know what, I think someday I will be an employer (of something or other), and darn it, I will beg her to come work for me.

And now for number five...

5. She has a terrible sense of humor sometimes. If you're ever hungry and want something to eat, don't tell her "I feel like chicken". She'll pinch and poke your arm and say in return, "You don't feel like chicken to me." Terrible sense of humor. Also, don't tell her "I'm tired." She'll reply, "Hi tired! I'm Susan!". Terrible sense of humor. And ya know what? I've kind up picked up on that style too. I feel torturous dread when I hear the corny humor tumble out of my own mouth, but I can't not say it! Aaaah!

All right. There's so much more to say for this post, but I've got to go. I really wish I could post more but you'll just have to come for a visit and drink up her goodness yourself. It you can't stop by, then stay tuned till next year's getting-close-to-Mothers'-Day installment.


  1. You are exactly right, Erica. When I "grow up" I want to be just like her. She is my idea of what the prophet meant when I mentioned "an elect lady"

  2. That last comment was from her mother!