Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Find

So I found some keepers this weekend and, surprisingly, I'm not talking about the books. The lovely skating duo bookends cost me a total of one dollar. I can hear you guffaw "Is that all?" as I relay the thrifty news. If I were the one asking "Is that all?", it would be in a tone of amazement that such a screaming deal wouldn't cost so much more. But I'm not the one asking. I'm guessing that those words probably dripped from your tongue with ample disdain. Here's what some of the household (and visitors) had to say:

Las's- Stupid.
Adrian- They look like trophies from a 6th grade ice-skating competition in Minnesota.
Shauni- Those are ridiculous. Are they really going to hold up books? They're kind of tacky. Are they going to be in your front room? Anywhere you put them, they'll look tacky.
Adam- I don't know what my opinion is of those things.

So, two cheap trophies (one 1988 6th place and the second 1989 7th place) are garbage just sitting on the shelf, or are they? I'm thinking about spray-painting them white to give them a sort of statuesque feel. Yep, I think I'll do that.

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  1. Oh how fun! I have just started doing saturday steals on my blog... Which means that we should go steal finding again sometime!