Saturday, April 17, 2010

Suzann Perry's Cast Offs

I was browsing along D.I. and I decided to check out the "collectible" glass cases. I usually don't float by there but boy am I glad I did because I found a set of The Journal of Discourses. It's a good set, and a full on for that matter. All 26 + the index volume are present and accounted for. There are no internal markings, the binding is taut, and the pages aren't discolored in the least bit. The only 2 imperfections with the set:

1. On the cover of each volume, the gilding of "Suzann Perry" has been rubbed of with only the impression remaining.

2. The outer leather creases (where the cover flap meets the spine) of a couple of the volumes are cracked.

I looked for a set on Amazon awhile back and found the cheapest one to be about $500 out of the question. When I found this present set was $175, I was thrown into a semi-frenzied panic then went into a deep, thoughtful daze trying to figure out how to make this impossibility work. Too bad $175 is a lot of money that's waaay out of my budget. Too bad I can't afford to not have it. I guess it wasn't an impossibility after all, seeing that they now rest on the bookshelf at home. Oh Suzann Perry (sigh). Why did you get rid of this treasure? I'm sure glad you did.

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  1. You should have waited a few years for our demise. You may not have had to pay anything for the set. Grandma