Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sounds Good to Me

Kindergarten comments from this week...

1. Kendra (who is nasty, feisty, very smart, and still very lovable) came over and gave me a hug the other day:

Me: Hey girl.
Kendra: You look skinny when I hug you.

And lately, when I walk by in the classroom:

Kendra: Erica. Call me.

When I turn to look at her, she's gesturing a phone call with her hand up to her ear.

2. Braden (who is a picture perfect boy and usually doesn't pay much attention to me) ran up to me on the kinder playground outside as I was leaving to walk home:

Braden: Watch out for busses and cars. There are some crazy drivers out there. Look both ways (He looked both ways as he instructed me to do so).

3. Jess (from my moms class, who lives 4 houses down from me and is the size of a munchkin child) has a habit lately of approaching me, and when she has my attention says:

Jess: I love you.

I habitually tell the kindergartners I love them. It's impossible not to after a year of wiping noses, tying shoes, putting on millions of band-aids, listening to endless stories, and returning the warmest hugs. I feel a powerful connection when it's said. Sometimes it just pops out of my mouth and other times I'm more deliberate with specific kids. There's such a light that twinkles in their eyes when it's said.

Jess said it to me a week or two ago and it made me stop and pause for a minute. She was so sincere and I appreciated it so much. I didn't realize I needed it, but I did and it felt good to hear. Since then she says it out loud and often. "I love you" spoken sincerely is so powerful.

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