Thursday, April 1, 2010

On the Mind...

1. On the way home tonight, I saw a guy get pulled over by a cop. I hate it when that happens. I felt so bad for the helpless chap and I didn't even know him.

2. I love donuts and ice cream and chocolate eclairs and cheesecake.

3. I have a chancre (see definition HERE) under my top lip and it's causing my lip to swell. Gross! I haven't had a chancre since I was little. What's the deal? Get it off me!

4. I'm so close to the end of the semester. Just hang on.

5. I really miss the temple. I've been every week since I went through in October and two weeks off seems like forever. I'm so grateful its only 10 minutes away and will be open next week.

6. I have always planned on graduating and continuing my education, but I also hoped that I'd have kids by now, not in pursuit of a career. It's weird to start planning for one but I'm excited. There's a fulfilling satisfaction obtained on the job that can't be obtained by any other means.

7. I really want to go on a mission. I've wanted it so bad for so long but it just isn't right. In my mind, it's the perfect thing for me to do, yet I just can't get the go-ahead. The whole prosessing of the situation is like meeting a guy, working the charm, then waiting for the treasured phone to ring... and he just doesn't call. Argg. Oh, I wish I could go. At any rate, I'm grateful for personal revelation and the confidence that comes from living in line with it. Though I'm not on a "mission", I'm grateful for the opportunities I have in my daily life to help build others around me.

8. Also, guys can be so dumb sometimes.

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  1. Erica like America! Just wanted you to know that I love reading your blog. You're a very good writer. I also didn't know that you went through the temple. AWESOME! I'm so happy that you have that opportunity and I'm SO jealous that you're only 10 minutes away from the temple. Bill and I are 2.5 hours away and we're lucky if we get there once a month. Maybe one day they'll build a temple in Richmond! Finally, I just want to say "AMEN" to #8. Even after getting married I'm finding that boys are still so dumb sometimes. Luckily for Bill, I love him like crazy so in the end it doesn't matter.