Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Purchased and Practiced

Today I bought the sheet music for "The Way I am", recorded on the above pictured album, and went home to jam on the piano. Needless to say, I averaged singing about a word a minute. It took considerable concentration playing the notes. It's coming along though. I couldn't embed the music video directly to here but if you'd like to see it, click HERE. I would suggest listening to the song without watching the video. The video is full of clowns, which promotes the creepy factor upon first viewing. If you must watch, watch. But if you've never heard the song my recommendation would be to simply listen first. Processing the audio and visual at the same time afford a completely different experience.

P.S. If you come on over for a visit, maybe you'll get a personal concert or something. Just be warned that I might require you to play the bongo drums.

1 comment:

  1. You're in luck!.....I am great at the bongo drum. AND, I can definitely clap on beat. I could be very helpful to this jam session.