Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Kid Stories

Last semester I worked in a 4th/5th accelerated combo class. Below are my favorite responses to the fourth graders' assignment to:

"Write a sentence describing a situation in which you showed determination."

Student 1- "To get home from school to watch an episode of I Carly.
Student 2- "If you stand up to a bully who keeps on messing with you, then you've shown great determination."
Student 3- "I had determination to get a hamster."

"Write a sentence describing your feelings about revolution."

Student 4- "I think revolutions are dumb unless the government is unfair."


This morning at the crosswalk there were hardly any kids because it was raining and they lucked out with their parents and got rides. I loved how all of the kids that did pass by were so excited about the rain. Now, it rarely rains in Mesa, AZ so today's weather was a big affair. One of the large water retention basins was so full of water that a city worker was down doing something about it. One of the boys passing by said:

"Did you see the basin? It's so full there's a cop there! The trees are covered to the top!"

His big sister (4th grade) corrected him and let me know that the trees were only 1/4 to 1/3 flooded (I still haven't walked down to check it out yet). The big sister didn't catch the cop statement though and her eyes sure did shine with excitement as the Mesa city worker's 4x4 flashed constant yellow lights.

I'd like to end with my favorite comment that came from an excited first grader:

"I didn't know it could rain in the morning!"

My response to him, and last quote/comment for this post:

"Ha hahaha ha ha ha."

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