Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Darndest Things

Story 1:

Fifth grader Elijah met me on his bike this morning at the crosswalk. He was wearing some catchy sunglasses that were a little too big for his face.

Me: Nice job rockin the sunglasses.
Elijah: Yeah. It's supposed to be 67 degrees today.

I didn't know what to say after that. I chuckled, crossed him to the other side, and chuckled again. I just didn't know what to say.

Story 2:

Yesterday I sat in my mom's kindergarten room during lunch. She had to run and make a few copies, so I was left to watch the naughty kids who had to put their heads down during part of the recess. I told them that if they spoke, they'd get a strike. Three strikes, no recess at all. It was silent until Joe raised his hand. I let it sit in the air for a few seconds while I decided if I wanted to let the joyful silence be broken. Of course I had to let him speak. I couldn't not. I took a breath in, knowing that as soon as Joe said something, everyone else would have something to say as well. I thought he was going to pull a "Can I go to the bathroom?". Wrong I was.

Me: Yes, Joe?

(His back was facing me so he turned around. The look on his face was earnest and his eyes were as big as silver dollars.)

Joe: We have COCKROACHES at my house!

At this point, 2 kids were giggling, 1 still had his head down afraid he'd miss recess, and the kid sitting in the corner had his hand raised high in the air and turned to face me, pleading silently that I would call on him. To avoid cracking up at Joe's remarks, I called on corner-boy-Chase.

Me: Yes?

Chase: One time, there were two cockroaches crawling on my arm and they kissed me, here (he pointed to a spot near his elbow).

I tried so hard not to crack up, but I was definitely smiling. The other kids started getting chatty about cockroaches so...

Me: Joe, strike one. Kiera, strike one. Chase, strike one. John, strike one.

After I called out strikes, the kids were back to silent mode. The one silent student stayed quiet the whole time. Poor guy. I was so proud that he had stayed quiet (he has adhd and is unmedicated) but I sure wished he would have laughed a little. Oh well, he gets his kicks all day long, so it was a character building moment for him, right?


  1. Those are great stories! You should post these more often!

  2. For some reason the cockroach story reminds me of another kid story...coming from our dear James: "Have you ever been stung by a scorpion? NO?...YEAH!"
    Everyone else in the room: "?"