Saturday, January 30, 2010

Best Buy

This 5 dollar mini-tramp was the first and best purchase found at D.I. today (and in brand newish condition too). Upon its home arrival, every single person in the family tried it out. Even Mom.

This picture above is provided to give you an idea of its size and proportion compared to a-little-larger-than-average feet. Pretty exciting, I know. Now that I think of it, those a-little-larger-than-average-feet are wearing shoes that were once purchased basically brand new at D.I. They (Roos Shoes) have zipper pockets on the sides and flaunt the color hot pink. My sisters think they are sinfully ugly. I love them.

Now that I've mentioned those black ones, I might as well also mention that I found them about a week after buying an almost brand new red pair (same brand and style). Guess where I got the red ones? You are so correct! D.I. it was! See the below photo (notice they too are slathered with hot pink!).

Man, just the brief mention of these bargains makes me want to share all of my treasured buys with you. While I know you're probably dying to know more and more, I'm not going to appease you. It would take an individual blog dedicated solely for that purpose, to supply your thirst for more treasure viewings. Sorry. I do hate to disappoint but I have homework to get to, as usual (I guess it wouldn't be usual if I'd just get it done, right?).

I'll leave you tonight with you my newfound self-realization which is this: "D.I." should have been my given name at birth. Had that been the case, I'm sure I still would have gone by "Erica" like I do now; though, it must be said I do like the sound of "D.I. Erica Dyar". It has a ring to it and I do love music.

Note: I didn't mention my also beloved, ever-faithful Goodwill. I'm a big fan and will later address finds from her reserves. Don't you worry about that.

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