Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trudging Through the Water

My favorite rainy day quote happened like this...

Yesterday at work I was walking by a pool of water toward the front office. In the pool was a first grade boy wading along, taking his time on his way to who knows where.

Me: You need to get out of the water.
Him: Why? It makes me feel comfortable.
Me: What?
Him: It makes me feel comfortable.

His use of attitude and tone of voice would normally make me want to give him a good spank on the bottom but he was clever/funny and I didn't feel like having a chat with him so I just kept walking on. I didn't even check to see if he lingered in his party pool. I'm glad he felt comfortable then because he probably didn't feel comfortable about 5 minutes later when he was sitting, soaking wet on a plastic chair in his classroom with no sympathy from his teacher. Poor wet, cold, chafed, little first grade boy (spoken with gentle sarcasm and my semi-evil laugh: Ha ha ha ha ha).

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