Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Dreaded BFS

The staff at the elementary school I work at use a secret code when a certain emergency arises. BFS is the dreaded code name. Everyone at school knows what BFS means but it was a while before I learned what it stands for. BFS=Body Fluid Spill. This acronym represents all possible bodily malfunctions that are let loose and exposed to the general public. An example of its usage, not uncommon or unusual to be heard at school, is "V***y (janitor)? We've got a BFS on the primary playground slide." After V***y is radioed (every time there is an incident) she abandons all tasks to resolve the nasty issue as quickly as possible.

Note: A BFS should not be mistaken with the BFG (The Big Friendly Giant, click HERE to see). While a BFG may have a BFS, a BFS is no BFG.

This is a gross topic, I know. I brought it up because if you ever hear that alarming term in public, you will now know to watch where you step. Or if you ever come upon a spill, you now know the correct terminology to yell out to the rest of the crowd, "BFS!".

Okay, the real reason I addressed this topic is because if you don't like BFS issues, you probably shouldn't watch the youtube video below. It isn't graphic but a BFS is involved. Watch at your own risk of a weakened stomach...

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