Monday, January 18, 2010

Tromp L'oeil

I love saying the phrase "tromp l'oeil" out loud. It rolls off the tongue funny. Even more than the sound of it, I love what it represents. The French term means "trick of the eye" and is used to describe art pieces that portray such a feat. HERE is a cool link to check out some of Julian Beever's "tromp l'oeils". The below two pictures are from his site:



For some Edgar Mueller's works that are neat-o click HERE. Below is a youtube clip of him in action:

After seeing these masterpieces, I bet you want to do one too. Right? I'm including this tricky dragon so you too can participate:

This optical allusion/tromp l'oeil and it's explanation can be found HERE. There is a download posted on the site to allow you the pleasure of making your very own tromp l'oeil dragon! I'll also include the link right HERE. How bout that? Your very own tromp l'oeil to display in your very own home!

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