Monday, March 8, 2010


I finished Coraline. I loved it. It probably falls under the category of "children's horror". I was up until late Saturday night reading it. Mid reading I had to take a trip to the bathroom. It was dark in the hallway and people were asleep so I didn't turn on the bathroom light until I'd closed the door behind me. For those few brief seconds in utter darkness, I was scared something would get me. I was surprised as I hadn't felt that way since I was little and I used to read scary stories late at night. It was exciting to have a brief moment of horror in the darkness, as if something would pounce on me before I could turn the light on. All in all, I was disappointed that the book had to end. It was a quick read (162 pages) that drew me in at the very start and was intriguing till the very end. It would be ideal to read during Halloween time. I'm definitely planning on reading it again.

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  1. loved the movie. the graphic novel is on my list of books to read.